High School Games On Sunday? Yes. Here’s Why. 

‘Spring’ in Maine. We don’t really have one. That’s just the way it is around here. High school sports teams are used to practicing their outdoor sports indoors and having most of the start of their season postponed due to weather.
But I have a possible solution:

Let’s give every high school in Maine a dome. Ok, that’s not my solution. 
This one actually is. Make playing on Sundays an option. 
Now before you get mad at me at the mere suggestion, hear me out. 
Teams lose so many games to weather at the start of the season, they have to get those games in somewhere and that can mean 4 games in 4 days, or even 5 games in 4 days as AD’s try and stuff all of the games into a smaller window. For SPRING SPORTS ONLY and ONLY AS A LAST RESORT, give the AD’s the option of playing on a Sunday. 
Don’t need it? No problem. Need it? Use it. 
This would help with teams coming down to the last week of the season and (in baseball), having to use their 5th best pitcher in a game that really matters because the other pitchers have been used every day of that week since there were so many games. 
AD’s will hate this idea. ‘We need a day off’. 
Well, I agree, and after 27 years covering you guys, I am well aware how hard and tiring the job is, but with all due respect, IF you are forced to play on Sunday, it means you had other days off that the weather cancelled. 
Also, you have all summer off (just saying). Again, this idea would not be built into the schedule, wouldn’t be a first choice, just a ‘break in case of emergency’ option. One that many coaches of Spring sports teams have told me they would support.
By: Lee Goldberg
Contributor to the Sports Chowdah.
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