Bring On Lebron!

At the beginning of the season, a Cavaliers-Celtics Eastern Conference rematch seemed like a given. And now we do have it! But what a long strange trip it has been.
Gordon Hayward goes down in game one. Kyrie ruled out for the playoffs. Isiah Thomas banned from Cleveland while the Cavs change more than half the roster at the trade deadline. 
Both teams needed seven games to get through their first round opponents but roll through the semi finals. Lebron and company swept the top seeded Raptors and Boston didn’t seem to care at all the Philly won 20 of 21 games prior to the series. 
So, just like last year the Celtics will have home court advantage for the conference championship. Last year King James, Kyrie and the Cavs brutalized the C’s in this round. It was public humiliation with Brad’s boys winning just one game. If you look at the numbers this “rivalry” has been one sided with the Cavs winning 9 off the last 12 meetings between the teams.
But this is a new year and two totally different teams. At the beginning of the year we thought we would see this. And many of us thought the Celtics just might meet Golden State in the Finals. 
During the journey that seemed more and more like a fantasy, but now the destination is in site. – SOLARI
Jeff Solari

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