Something For Sports Fans To Remember This Memorial Day Weekend

Ever heard of Lt. Edward Wilson? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Can’t fault you, really. Lt. Wilson was not, and is not, a famous military type, celebrated with statues and ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery. Instead, Edward was an Orono boy who lived back in the mid 1800’s. How do I know this? Because of Memorial Day. 
 You see, fifteen years ago, our family, thankful that none of our immediate family members lost their lives in war, decided we would search for a veteran’s grave stone in Riverside Cemetery located in Orono, that didn’t seem to be attended to. We decided we would “adopt” the person represented by the stone, and honor their memory and service to our country each Veteran’s and Memorial Day. 
So on that Memorial Day fifteen years ago as we wandered around the historic Orono cemetery on Bennoch Road, we came across a lonely marker with “Lt. Edward Wilson” chiseled on the white limestone. The dates on the stone indicated the lad was only 30 years old when he died, and had been killed during the Civil War. 
After laying some lilac blooms in front of our new friend’s marker, I was inspired to do a bit of digging (better word could have been used here) for some information about this Orono Lieutenant. Along with discovering that the Wilson family lived on Pine Street in Orono, I also learned that 39 Orono men died during the Civil War due to injuries or illness, most on the battle field, but some in prison camps.
Why share this with you in a sports blog? 
Perspective. This weekend, how about we slide our interest in all things Sox-Celtics-Pats down one notch, just below our expressions of gratitude for those who have not returned to whatever town you call home. This weekend should be less about homeruns, pursuit of the Evil Empire and three pointers, and more about reflection and appreciation for men and women who are actual heroes. 
So, thanks Lt. Edward Wilson of Orono. And thanks to all who may be reading this blog who have lost a family member to help protect my freedom and liberty. Perspective, sports fans. Perspective. 
By: Steve McKay: Sports Chowdah team member
Jeff Solari

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