Lebron Wins Game #7. Celtics Lose Game #7. Both Are True.

Both headlines are correct. Social media and sports talk radio have been filled with folks debating both sides and on this rare occurrence, everyone is spot on.
Lebron played all but two minutes in game six and dropped 46 points at home.
He never sat down in the deciding game. Kevin Love was out. Didn’t matter. Lebron’s 35 points were earned by him even though Brad Stevens threw every player and the kitchen sink at him and still had no answer.
King James has won 24 straight Eastern Conference playoff series. He is back in the finals for the eighth straight year. He has not lost a game seven since 2008. He won.
But Boston could have ended those streaks. They had a 2-0 and 3-2 series lead with the deciidng game at home. The Celtics led in the fourth quarter. They took 19 more shots than the Cavs and only turned the ball over five times. But as a team they shoot a putrid 34% from the field including a miserable 7-39 from beyond the arc.
Boston scored 30 points in the second and third quarters COMBINED! (just 13 in the third) In the last twenty seasons only one back court duo other than Rozier and Brown have taken more 3’s and hit fewer in a playoff game.
Al Horford went 1-5 in the second half.Hit even a couple of those shots and it’s off to battle the Warriors this week.
The nerves kicked in and that basket looked like the size of a golf hole to those guys.
Boston went just 2-13 in the final six minutes. and for some reason Jason Tatum only took two of those shots. That’s on the coach.
The Celtics performance was bowling shoe ugly. So while Lebron shined on the biggest stage, the Celtics wilted. Both of those are facts. – SOLARI
Jeff Solari

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