Lebron may be the greatest, but I don’t want him playing for the Celtics

Cleveland Cavaliers’ LeBron James shoots against Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green during the first half of Game 3 of basketball’s NBA Finals, Wednesday, June 6, 2018, in Cleveland. (Gregory Shamus/Pool Photo via AP)

Today the New England sports scene is abuzz with the report that the Celtics are ready to meet with Lebron James this summer.

I wish I could go back to bed and wake up in a world where this story didn’t exist.
Is Lebron the greatest player on the planet? Yes. Do I want him to play for the Celtics? NO!
Heck No. Please no. For the love of the Ghost of Red let’s not even consider King James bringing his tea party to Boston. (OK- I know George was the King then but I am stressed out over this god awful rumor.)
Lebron will go down as the greatest rival and foil to the modern day Celtics. He has been a pain in our shamrocks as a member of the Cavaliers and Heat. He still appears to have game despite playing in 1143 of them.
But he turns 34 in December. He may age as well as Tom Brady but I wouldn’t bet a three year contract on it in case he looks like 1987’s Bill Walton at the end of it.
The Celtics don’t need him. They will start the 2018-19 season with three all stars in the starting five
(Kyrie, Horford and Hayward) and maybe a fourth with Jason Tatum. Keep Brown and Rozier. Sign Marcus Smart. Draft or sign a big guy. Our trade some picks for a good one. They have a ton of high draft picks the next couple of years.
Plus do you really want to win a title that way? Cherry picking a prima donna superstar for a couple of years? This isn’t South Beach or the west coast. This is Boston. New England. Tradition. History. Championships that are fought for. We sent King George packing. Let’s never let King James unpack.
Jeff Solari

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