$3000 Shorts? OK. $41,000 Man-Purse? Hit The Bricks Lebron

I can’t decide what to do about Lebron James. That is, I can’t decide if I’m a fan or not. 
On one hand, he is simply an amazing basketball savant. Seems to me if you could mail-order a basketball robot to take over the world, the tech folks would create a Lebron James. His skills are to be admired, for sure. 
On the other hand, even though he’s a great passer, he also tends to embrace the whole “iso-ball” thing. I get kind of bored watching him dribble in one spot for a spell while he decides which way he will humiliate whatever poor sap is trying to guard him. 
In the midst of my pondering last week, I happened to see what Lebron wore to the playoff game in Oakland. That’s right, the famous (infamous?) “shorts-suit.” It was, shall we say, a “different” kind of look. My first thought: perhaps Lebron has been rockin’ out with AC/DC, and captivated by the antics of their front man, wanted to honor Angus Young with his shorts-suit ensemble. 
Second thought: “Hmmm, wonder what my boss would’ve thought if I rocked this kind of outfit back in my TV weather days?” Repulsed by the image that came to mind of my spindly mayonnaise-colored legs for all to see, I quickly dismissed the thought.
But then…..it happened. While cruising through an edition of USA TODAY, I came across an article detailing the cost of Lebron’s outfit. Are you kidding me? Yes, I get it: Lebron has more money than he can possibly spend. Prices mean nothing to the tattooed wonder. But still….almost $3000 for just the suit coat, tie and hanky?!
OK, I can deal with that. Suit coats can be pricey. 90 bucks for the socks (I picked-up a 6 pack at Walmart last week for $7.99.) The shirt? $330. Shorts? $940. OK, now you’re starting to bug me, Lebron. Almost a thousand dollars…for just the shorts? 
But then, here came the deciding factor as whether or not I can be a fan of Lebron or not. Also listed as part of his ensemble for the day, was an alligator bag. You know, the sort of bag you carry around your incidentals in. How much for the alligator bag? $41,000. No, I did not accidently include two extra zeroes. Forty-one thousand smackers for….a man purse. Sorry, I don’t care how much squadoosh you have, nobody should outlay over 40K for something to carry your chap-stick in. 
So it’s decided. Have a nice life, Lebron. Enjoy smashing the NBA records now in your sight. But as long as you are accenting your outfits with a $41,000 man purse, I can’t root for you. Get yourself an L.L. Bean tote bag, and I will likely reconsider.
This blog was written by Steve McKay. He is a frequent contributor to Jeff Solari’s Sports Chowdah e mail blast. www.sportschowdah.com
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