Red Sox not only are playing great, they’re taking less time doing so

There’s a lot to like about this years Red Sox team. Not the least of which is they are playing games at a way faster pace than last year.

Boston finished Sundays game against Seattle in 2:29, their 28th sub three-hour game is the season. Last year through 79 games, they’d only played 17 games under three hours.

Some of it is the Sox swing more freely at the plate. They don’t have to grind out runs as they hit more homers this year. And the starting pitchers led by Chris Sale, get on the mound and are ready to throw when they get the ball back from the catcher. I love it!

Also, I could do one of those tired and cliche “Sox midterm grades” columns.

And I will. Kind of. But not really.

Look. No team in baseball has more wins than the Red Sox. They are tied for first place with the Yankees. They hit the cover off the ball. They’ll have a fist full of all stars. They have a couple of MVP candidates and a couple more Cy Young candidates. The Sox get an “A”.

Trade deadline is a little more than a month away. They desperately need help at second base. They will end up with another reliever I’m sure. Maybe a bat off the bench?

Otherwise this is our group of guys. Which based on what we have seen so far is fine with me.

Jeff Solari

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