Cheering for David Price is a Sobering Experience

If I didn’t have a drink now and then already, David Price sure as heck would drive me to it.

Let me begin by giving our thirty million dollar a year glass bobblehead of a pitcher a gentle pat on the top of his head for a job well done.

Price has been very good for the last two months or so.

Stats prove it:

Last 9 starts: 2.72 ERA. Price has allowed 3 runs or fewer in 9 consecutive starts, his longest such streak since joining the Red Sox. Boston is 8-1 in those starts. Nice!

He even has a couple of high quality victories in there with wins over Seattle and the World Champion Astros.

Over all he has 9 wins and a 3.66 ERA on the season.  

David, wrap your tingly fingers around a cold one, you’ve earned it.

But the party might be coming to an end this Sunday.

Price is scheduled to start against the Yankees. In New York. In Primetime on Sunday Night Baseball. This could be a trip to the Pit of Misery.

Price’s history in “big games” sucks like Homer Simpson at a beer tap.

He was asked about the Sunday showdown Tuesday night after he dominated the Angels and said “I’m not going to be able to go.”

Another obvious attempt at hi jinx by the humorless Price, referring back to the Sox last trip to the Stadium when he couldn’t make his start.
Earlier this year he was asked about the rivalry with the Bronx Bombers and replied dryly with his own question “What do you want me to say?”

He can be as stubborn as a Clydesdale.

Even Sox rookie draft pick Triston Casas gets it. Couple of weeks ago he stated that the fans in Yankees Stadium were not going to like him in a few years.

Dilly Dilly!

It reminds me of the scene in The Wedding Singer when Adam Sandler proclaims on the plane “See Billy Idol gets it. Why doesn’t she?”

Casas is 18 years old and already gets. Why doesn’t Price?

Price has pitched only one more inning than Spuds McKenzie this year against New York.

In that one inning at Fenway he got hammered. Pun intended.

Then his “mild case” of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, perhaps caused by video gaming, kept him from facing the Yanks last time out.

But this is last call.

Forget the Fenway start. Shake off your 2-8 record and ERA over 5.00 in the post season like a bad hangover.

Dominate the Yankees and you are on your way having at least the Champagne of Beers sprayed on your head. Get pounded? And you might as well head for the mountains.


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