3 Reasons Lebron becoming a Laker is stupid

#1 Teams led by Lebron James have gone to the NBA Finals each of the last eight years, four times it was the Miami Heat and the last four with the Cavs. Dominance like that shows weakness in others. (That sounds like an intense fortune cookie.)

Even with the sorry current state of the Cavaliers, why would you leave the conference where there is only one or two even possible contenders, to go to the loaded west, where the Utah Jazz are probably every bit as good as the Toronto Raptors. (Oh by the way, the Raptors were the number one seed in the East last year.)

This is all you need to know about the futility of the Eastern Conference, the last two number one seeds have been the Isaiah Thomas Boston team and a Raptors team that got swept in the conference semi-finals.

#2 No more GM Lebron? 

In Cleveland Lebron was everything: coach, general manager and star. In Los Angeles he’s going to have to subjugate some of his ego not just to the majesty of the franchise itself, but to the team’s head honcho, Magic Johnson. I’m not saying that there is going to be a butting of heads, Lebron got along with Magic’s former Laker coach Pat Riley very well in Miami, but at this stage in James’ career time is suddenly of the essence.

Paul George has already agreed to re-sign with the Thunder, the Lakers will bring in a couple of more superstars before the season tips off. What if one of them in Demarcus Cousins? What if, shockingly, things don’t’ work out with Boogie? Sometimes you only get one shot to build the core of a super team, and with that one shot would you really want to push your chips to the middle of the table with Boogie Cousins?

#3 Lavar Ball

You wanted to get away from personalities like J.R. Smith? Let me introduce you to Lavar Ball! Enjoy!

If the Lakers do make a trade for Kawhi Leonard, if I’m Lebron, Lonzo Ball better be going to San Antonio. However, is there a more unlikely couple than Lavar Ball and Greg Popovich? Pop is prickly to good people like David Aldridge and Doris Burke, imagine how nice he’d play with the egomaniacal lunatic-patriarch of the Ball family? However this plays out, Ball is a fly in the ointment.

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