Here are three ways to bring the luster back to the All-Star Game home run derby

I watch the Home Run Derby every year, more out of tradition than anything at this point. While I still enjoy it, I am also still somehow let down by it. It’s too long, there’s not enough action, they are always screwing with the rules and quite frankly after the steroid era, we kind of saw everything didn’t we?

Watching Alex Bregman hit 6 homers in a half hour doesn’t have the same allure after we watched Mark McGwire hit 4,279 baseballs over the Mass Pike. Want to bring the luster back to the Home Run Derby? Here’s how to do it.

1. Pitchers. 2 weeks later and Sox fans are still talking about Rick Porcello’s bases loaded double in Washington. How good of hitters are Major League pitchers? We don’t really know because a home run derby featuring only pitchers has never been done before, but whenever a pitcher goes deep, the baseball internet almost breaks. Last week Rockies starting pitcher German Marquez hit a home run, off Diamondbacks second basemen David Descalso. Read that sentence again, that’s a great moment in baseball! A derby featuring Madison Bumgarner (17 career home runs), Shohei Ohtani (7 home runs, in America) and Bartolo Colon (1 career home run) is such a curiosity that fans would have to watch. Especially with our 4th and final contestant….

2. TIM TEBOW! That’s right, I’m playing the Tebow card! You want a must see spectacle? Then I’m pulling out every gimmick possible including the former Heisman Trophy winner and 2018 Eastern League All-Star. Who cares if he’s not in the majors. I’ve seen Tebow take batting practice, he wouldn’t embarrass himself out there by any means and for casual fans who haven’t seen him play baseball this would be their chance to see him take cuts. How many cuts? Well that brings me to my next rule

3. 20 pitches because that’s enough. One of the problems with the derby is guys taking 5 pitches in between swings or heaven forbid their little league third base coach getting stage fright and missing the plate with 47 in a row. With this rule, the pitcher will throw 20 pitches, to the other pitcher, so you’d best be swinging! There are no outs, just home runs. This does cap how many home runs you can hit, but with pitchers and Tim Tebow, what’re the chances of them hitting more than 20 anyway?
So our bracket would be: Bumgarner vs Ohtani and Colon vs Tebow. If I told you in 2008, that in 10 years you’d be watching a home run derby featuring Bartolo Colon vs Tim Tebow, you could only imagine what a wonderful world we were living in.

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