3 Reasons the Patriots lost in Jacksonville

Here are three reasons the Patriots got whooped in Jacksonville Sunday.

Mother Nature!

This was the hottest NFL game since 2003 when Green Bay went to Arizona (you remember that one time people from Wisconsin left Wisconsin?) Temps on the field reached 99 degrees, but the “real feel” temperature was 10 degrees worse than that.

Everybody knows the two ways to beat Tom Brady is to pressure him up the middle without blitzing and make him play in Florida, preferably in September. I seem to recall the last time the Patriots played at Jacksonville, the Patriots barely held on to beat a Chad Henne led Jags team. Chad Henne. Chad Henne. (Did you know Chad Henne is the back up in Kansas City?) Jacksonville has practiced in this type of oppressive atmospheric imprisonment for almost two months, hell, their fans were watching the game from a swimming pool. They were ready for this, we were not.

The month of September!

The last time the Patriots didn’t win at least 12 games in a season was 2009, where they went 10-6. What that means is that for the last 9 seasons, the Patriots only lose 3 or 4 games per season. Last year the Patriots lost 4 games, 2 were in September and in 2014 the Pats lost 3 games and 2 were in September. Mike Lombardi always says that September in the NFL is an extension of the preseason because starters don’t play enough in the preseason so the first month of the season is really where teams really start to form.

Myles Jack, Dante Fowler Jr and Blake Bortles.

Bortles played really well as Jacksonville opened up the offense for him more than they seemingly ever have. OC Nathaniel Hackett didn’t go with the game manager starter kit offense that almost won Jacksonville the AFC championship back in January, today Blake Bortles was treated like a real quarterback. Fowler and Jack (not Jalen Ramsey) made Brady’s life…..uncomfortable.

Jacksonville only sacked Brady twice, but Brady didn’t have the time or the clean pocket that he normally does. The absence of Marcus Cannon was felt as LaAdrian Waddle was straight up beat by Fowler Jr. on the strip sack that flipped momentum back to the Jaguars.

Thankfully the Pats leave the sweltering swamp of Duval county for the comfortable confines of Ford Field in Detroit to face Matty P’s Lions, who are fresh off of giving up 78 combined points to the legendary offenses of the Jets and 49ers.

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