Protect your wallets. You’re about to be robbed.

Call the cops. A crime is about to take place.

Millions of people worldwide are about to be fleeced of their hard earned money.

How? By plunking it down on another pay per view match between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao.

Look, I stayed up late and watched every punch of the first match, won by Mayweather. I even crashed at a friends house to watch Mayweather toy with Conor McGregor last August.

But there’s no way on God’s Green Earth I’ll be part of this farce of a fight and blatant money grab.

Although I get why they are fighting again.

According to BetDSI, the over-under for pay-per-view buys is at 4.3 million. If it generates anything in that neighborhood, Mayweather and Pacquiao could both be looking at another nine-figure payday.

According to a check Mayweather posted on social media after the first fight, his guaranteed purse was $100 million.

It is possible he pocketed $150 million for the fight.

He and Manny will take a few hits then laugh all the way to the bank with $50 bills flying out of their limo windows.

But I can guarantee you not one penny of it will come from me.

Jeff Solari
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Jeff Solari

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