Some UMaine rosters read like a roll call for the United Nations

The University of Maine field hockey team is having perhaps their best season ever.

They’re ranked #18 in the nation and are unbeaten.

Women’s basketball is coming off an NCAA tourney trip.

And Richard Barron is rebuilding the men’s basketball team.

There are 49 student athletes total on the rosters for these three teams.

Twenty Seven of them are not from Maine. Or even the United States.

I think thats pretty interesting. 56% – more than half- of the players on these teams need a passport to be here.

The rosters read like a roll call at the United Nations: Brazil, Serbia, Taiwan, Ukraine, Australia and the Netherlands.

Sure it would be great to have more Mainers playing sports at the University of Maine.

Through the years the most successful women’s hoops teams were led by Mainers.

Blodgett. Vachon. Ellis. Bouchard. The list goes on.

Same for Men’s basketball- Mahaney, Chappelle,Rossignol, Bedard, Bouchard.

Rosters of small college teams in our state are full of natives. But high school sports here are on a D-3 level compared to much of the country. The Black Bears can’t compete with just locals. That’s a fact.

And remember the most popular and successful team in school history was anchored by two kids from another country. Kariya, Montgomery. Thank you Canada.

Look it doesn’t matter where you are from. You are welcome here. And thank you for now wanting to representing our state school in competition across America.

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