World Series? First round exit? 50/50 chance of either

The Red Sox are the best team in baseball. 105 wins. They are the top seed in the playoffs and will have home field throughout. The Word Series is theirs to lose. And that scares me.

Here in New England we are close to the Sox. I personally see or hear part of every game. The closer you get to anything or anyone the more warts and blemishes you see. It just seems to me the illnesses we see with the Sox are rather unique to our patient.

Our ace, Chris Sale, is on a sloooooow path back to making regular starts. He has barely pitched in two months, although when he has pitched he has been great.

Our 30 million dollar a year Ace Part 2 has been the best pitcher in the league post all star break. Yet he has almost no success in Yankee Stadium, and he hates Boston, the fans and the media. He can opt out of his contract in a few weeks and will be asked about that more which I’m sure which will only make him crankier.

And despite being in the post season the past two years, we still don’t have a pitcher with even one career post season win as a starter.

Then theres the much critiqued bullpen. How will Matt Barnes be coming back from injury? Knuckleballer Steven Wright has a key role in late innings. Any other contender turning the ball over to a pudgy soft tossing knuckleball pitcher in the 7th or 8th inning?

Alex Cora will most likely carry three catchers because the Sox don’t have a single one who can hit a beachball with a tennis racquet.

Speaking of Cora, he is our rookie manager who has won a ton of games, but just in the last two weeks had to make a couple weird last minute in game moves because the game was “speeding up on him.”

Our All-Star first baseman “Mitch “2 Bags” Moreland won’t need to pack his bags as he probably won’t make the post season roster.

And of course the American League is stacked with great teams. Really 5 of the 6 (not Oakland) playoff teams could make the World Series. Ugh.

So, will it be World Series title number four since 2004? Or the third first round exit since 2016?

It’s 50/50 at this point.

By Jeff Solari

Jeff Solari

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