Patriot Haters: Go lick a frozen Festivus pole

The tradition of Festivus begins with the airing of grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people and now you’re gonna hear about it.” Frank Costanza

Before we gather around the aluminum pole to take part in the Feats of Strength, in the spirit of the holiday I’m going to air a grievance or two. Here we go:

To all you fans of other NFL teams not from the New England region, you can stuff your anti Patriot sentiments in Santa’s sack. I do not find your belief system fascinating.

The Patriots just won their tenth straight division title. Sure, the AFC East is not great. But there are still two other NFL teams in the division. And the Jets. All it would take would be one 8-8 year by the Pats for someone else to step up and claim the title.

But Bill’s boys don’t have 8-8 seasons. They have double digit win seasons. A league record sixteen of them in a row by the way. You Patriot Haters would have traded your favorite holiday gift ever to jump on our band wagon during this run.

New England also went from 2010-2017 with 12 or more wins per season. Another NFL record. That’s with a decade worth of scheduling other division winners each and every year. The NFL tries to hand them the toughest schedule possible. Making it not easy to repeat. Let alone repeat every season for a decade. Just ask Jacksonville this year. Nothing but coal for the Jags this December.

Heck, the Pats haven’t had a losing season since the beginning of the millennium. Did you know the next current longest streak of winning seasons, is two? Two! A handful of teams can claim this Festivus Miracle. That’s it.

The Pats most likely will be 11-5 this year and the #2 seed again. During a “down year.” So what ever negative things you have to say about the New England Patriots you can toss them in the garbage with the fruit cake and Hickory Farms spiced meat. Spouting negative nonsense about the Pats is more embarrassing than getting your tongue stuck to a frozen aluminum Festivus pole.

Jeff Solari

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Jeff Solari is the president and founder of the Sports Chowdah, Maine’s only free, weekly sports e mail newsletter. Recently, the Mount Desert Island native was the co-host of "The Drive" on 92.9 FM in Bangor.