Can the Celtics just skip ahead to the playoffs? Please?

I think I speak on behalf of all Celtics fans when I say that I cannot wait for the playoffs. This regular season has been sent to us from Hell and the only thing that can put a stop to it is playing in some games that truly matter.

The C’s are locked into the fourth or fifth seed. Whichever one they get doesn’t make a ton of difference. They have to play Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Toronto on the road regardless, so at this point they’re just playing to improve their record and maybe get the four-seed if Indiana slips up.

After winning five out of six games, the Celtics have dropped three-straight to Denver, Philadelphia and Charlotte. Against Charlotte, they lead by 20+ in the fourth quarter, only for Kemba Walker to drop 16 and lead the Hornets on a 30-5 run to seal the comeback.

The actual content of these games is a blur to me now. It feels like I’ve been stuck watching the same episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm for five months and the theme song has been playing on loop while Mook chucks up contested pull-up threes while he’s 0-5 from the floor.

For people to be genuinely frustrated by these things is beyond me at this point. What else do you expect?

They’ve been completely unstable since the beginning of the season. It’s just who they are. It’s never been a question of talent with this group, it’s the consistent effort. In the playoffs, inconsistent effort gets you sent home quickly and everyone on this team understands that due to prior experience.

The Celtics are at Cleveland on Tuesday and home against Indiana on Friday. If they could beat Indiana both this Friday and next, they’d have a solid chance at getting that prized four-seed that Bill Simmons-like Celtics fans never stop talking about. Starting that off with a W against the tanking Cavs should be easy, but nothing is ever easy when it comes to these Celtics.

By Chase Whitney

Jeff Solari

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