Sox whack Dave Dombrowski. That’s ok with me.

By Jeff Solari. Boston is a tough town. In general and when it comes to sports. Less than a year removed from a World Series title John Henry and his ownership group whacked President of Baseball Operations Dave Dombrowski like Jack Nicholson’s character would have done in The Departed, also set in Boston.

Until this season, the Sox have been massively successful under DD. They have won three division titles and the aforementioned World Series. Yet still I’m ok with having Dombo walk the plank. Here’s why:

His ignoring of the bullpen issues last off season was pure incompetence. The Sox would have been much closer to the Yankees if the bullpen hadn’t been one of the worst in baseball the first half of there season. No excuse for turning a blind eye to such a glaring weakness.

Handcuffing the Sox payroll by extending Chris Sale too soon and way overpaying Nathan Eovaldi were also two junior varsity level moves. Every person with an IQ in the positive numbers understands how fragile both of those guys are physically. To tie up nearly 200 million dollars on them for many years to come is egregious.

(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The Sox are at a crossroads when it comes to Mookie, JBJ, E-Rod and Benny. There are many franchise changing decisions to be made in the next year and the Sox need an executive who is committed to being here for the next five years or more and understands the current state of the game.

Dave showed he could write big checks to acquire some great players but beyond that he didn’t bring much to the table.

Bring on 2020.

Jeff Solari

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