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What do Bob Barker, Pat Sajak and Rob Gronkowski have in common?

“Rob Gronkowski, come on down!” Just picture that chaotic scene as Gronk responds to the siren call for contestants on The Price is Right. Gronk’s youthful enthusiasm and whacky antics actually would play well on that show as “the next contestant” always is way over excited and seemingly super caffeinated. That’s Gronk. And I’m pretty […]

The good, the bad and the horrible from the Patriots loss to the Ravens

On Sunday, the Patriots lost their first game since December 16, 2018 on the same day that the Miami Dolphins won their first game since last December’s Miami Miracle vs New England. And no matter if you are playing the Baltimore Ravens or those previously winless Miami Dolphins, you just cannot spot an opponent a […]

Patriots Notebook: Cleveland humbled. Pats 8-0 at the midway point

This week’s sign of how good the defense is, our defensive tackle intercepted a shovel pass. Just when you think that an up-ended offensive tackle, accidentally kicking the ball away from his own running back for a scoop and score touchdown the other way is the wildest play you’re going to see all day, Jonathan […]

The Pats have another young QB seeing ghosts

How many young quarterbacks, specifically in the AFC East, have the Patriots broken? Remember when Mark Sanchez was the San-chise? The Butt Fumble pretty much closed him down. Hell, New England has banished Ryan Fitzpatrick from more cities than plastic straws. Now it’s happened to Sam Darnold. I’ll never forget watching the Ravens-Chargers playoff game […]

The Celtics season is almost here: Don’t ruin it with overly high expectations

Fresh start, turn the page, clean slate, new year, so on and so forth. The Celtics players and staff have reiterated those messages in various forms since the moment Celtics Media Day. Last year’s underwhelming, and frankly depressing season left a bad taste in the collective mouths of the organization, and to put it simply, […]