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Only Coach Bill can get away with being so rude to the media

Sunday’s 30-14 win over the hapless New York Jets was yet another glorified practice for the New England Patriots. The Pats’ defense still has yet to give up a touchdown in three games, with the Jets scoring their touchdowns on special teams and on defense. But that wasn’t the high topic of conversation amidst the […]

Here’s what some Patriots might have been up to this Fourth of July

By Sterling Pingree- Sports Chowdah.com. On television, the Red Sox are beating up another tomato can, but maintaining their double digit deficit in the East. There is a long held belief that July 4th is the mid-point of summer, although if you have lived in Maine this year, summer started about a week ago. The […]

April 16: Biggest Holiday of the Year! Patriots Day and Belichicks Birthday

Happy B Day Coach Bill! Patriots Day is already a New England Tradition. Boston Marathon. Red Sox should be playing at 11am if not for Mother Nature. And this year it’s Bill Belichick’s Birthday! So let’s party Hoodie Style! Jeff Solari gets in the spirit of the day in this short Sports Chowdah Video. Just click […]