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Patriots Notebook: If Creed Bratton played for the Pats

By Sterling Pingree: Sportschowdah.com. WHOA baby this defense! The Dolphins had a tough time catching the football, but the blanket coverage and constant pressure that New England drew up made it a long day for Miami. The incredible thing (amongst all of the incredible things about the Pats’ defense through two games) is that even […]

You can’t win em all. But New England teams should have won these titles

There’s no doubt this century has been the best time to be a Boston professional sports fan. If a season doesn’t end without a Duck Boat parade, we’re a little shocked. That’s because we’ve only had 12 of them between the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins since February of 2002. The Pats are favored […]

The answer to the Hoyer Exam will tell us what kind of person you really are

Forget the Meyers-Briggs test or any of those phony personality exams you might take for free on line or in a magazine. I have the the ultimate and definitive test to reveal your personality, psychological makeup and true character. It’s the Hoyer Exam and it addresses perhaps the greatest mental quandary of all time: Would […]

Which team should have to watch the Pats raise banner No. 6 in person?

The NFL will release its schedule within the next week or so. Roger Goodell has already chickened out and moved the Patriots opener to Sunday night instead of Thursday (as is tradition for the Super Bowl champs) so he doesn’t have to come to Gillette. We know the Patriots will host: Cleveland, Dallas, New York […]