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Patriots Notebook: That win was U-G-L-Y. And that’s OK.

On a day when you’re going to hear a lot of “It ain’t always pretty” and “A win is a win on the road” it’s important to remember that the Patriots improved to 9-1 with their 17-10 win in Philadelphia Sunday. But, that game was uglier than a driver’s license picture taken on July 5th. […]

Patriots fans: Would you trade the 28-3 comeback win to erase the “Helmet Catch” Super Bowl loss?

Sterling and I have a mutual friend. We’ll call him “Rob.”Because that is his real name. He asked the following question last week on Facebook: “Patriots Fans: Would you be willing to swap Edelman’s miraculous catch and the 28-3 comeback Super Bowl win over the Falcons for Tyree dropping his miraculous catch in 2007 solidifying […]

The good, the bad and the horrible from the Patriots loss to the Ravens

On Sunday, the Patriots lost their first game since December 16, 2018 on the same day that the Miami Dolphins won their first game since last December’s Miami Miracle vs New England. And no matter if you are playing the Baltimore Ravens or those previously winless Miami Dolphins, you just cannot spot an opponent a […]

Patriots Notebook: Cleveland humbled. Pats 8-0 at the midway point

This week’s sign of how good the defense is, our defensive tackle intercepted a shovel pass. Just when you think that an up-ended offensive tackle, accidentally kicking the ball away from his own running back for a scoop and score touchdown the other way is the wildest play you’re going to see all day, Jonathan […]

The Pats have another young QB seeing ghosts

How many young quarterbacks, specifically in the AFC East, have the Patriots broken? Remember when Mark Sanchez was the San-chise? The Butt Fumble pretty much closed him down. Hell, New England has banished Ryan Fitzpatrick from more cities than plastic straws. Now it’s happened to Sam Darnold. I’ll never forget watching the Ravens-Chargers playoff game […]

Patriots Notebook: If Creed Bratton played for the Pats

By Sterling Pingree: Sportschowdah.com. WHOA baby this defense! The Dolphins had a tough time catching the football, but the blanket coverage and constant pressure that New England drew up made it a long day for Miami. The incredible thing (amongst all of the incredible things about the Pats’ defense through two games) is that even […]