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Weather Guy Says Predicting a Forecast is Easier Than Predicting The Sox

By: Steve McKay/ Sports Chowdah It’s been a rather sweaty summer, don’t you think? July featured an average temperature almost three degrees above normal. What’s made our summer season unusually sweaty has been the consistency of the humid air hanging around.  If you’re looking to escape the heat, your best bet is to coast […]

Something For Sports Fans To Remember This Memorial Day Weekend

Ever heard of Lt. Edward Wilson? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Can’t fault you, really. Lt. Wilson was not, and is not, a famous military type, celebrated with statues and ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery. Instead, Edward was an Orono boy who lived back in the mid 1800’s. How do I know this? Because of Memorial Day.   You see, fifteen years ago, […]

Better Than Jane Fonda: “Fitness” Tips for Aging Fans from Steve McKay

I remember, as a member of the ’71 Orono Little League Giants, our coach requiring us to run three laps around the bases without stopping at the end of our practices. When our sass-mouthed catcher asked our beleaguered manager why we would do such a thing, he growled “To build-up your stamina” before launching into an all too […]