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Memorable historic games, national and local, I’d like to see on TV these days

By Steve McKay. So, how are these “strange days” going for you? The social distancing commandments coming from on high have obviously altered the manner in which businesses are operating, if they are even operating at all. This is certainly the case for sports-talk radio, which has been stripped of virtually all of its content. […]

Celtics. Snowfall totals. Snickers. Which do Steve McKay find satisfying?

Fill-in the blank: This winter season has been ______________. My word? Unsatisfying. Your word may be different than mine, depending on your opinion of winter. To me, winter in Maine is all about snow. Ample snowfall for skiers, snowmobilers, snow-shoe types and the like. Yet so far, our winter of 2019-2020 has been quite wimpy […]

Holding out for a hero in sports? If only we could go back to 1984

By Steve McKay- SportsChowdah.com. “I need a hero….I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night…” Do these lyrics ring a bell? Step into the time machine with me; we’ll set the dial back 35 years, and step into 1984 together. Ghostbusters, the Karate Kid, Indiana Jones, and Beverly Hills Cop are […]

Here’s the most important sports thing you can do this fall

By Steve McKay- SportsChowdah.com. If you’ve read a few of my columns over the last year or so, you’ve likely noticed I tend to drone-on about my grandkids a bit. That’s right….I have grandchildren (this is where you remark “Gee, you don’t look old enough to have grandkids, Steve!” Crickets chirping…) Of course, I love […]