Why can’t the Red Sox get pitchers like Jon Lester?

Ok. I know this sounds like hindsight. But if you have listened to me on The Drive on 92.9FM at all you know I am a Jon Lester fan and have screamed dozens of times how I would take him over David Price any day that ends in “Y”.
Homegrown kid. Overcame cancer. Lefty. Tough as nails in the postseason. It can not even be debated that not signing him to a long term contract was an epic Sox failure.
How has he been since signing in Chicago?
See below and don’t forget the World Series ring he won.
Jon Lester since being traded by the Red Sox:
Regular Season
119 GS – (55-31, .640)
735.0 IP – 3.15 ERA – 1.14 WHIP
200 BB – 716 K
Post Season
10 GS (12 G) – (3-3, .500)
71.1 IP – 3.03 ERA – 1.01 WHIP
18 BB – 56 K
He should have retired in Boston, won another World Series here, and had his number retired in right field. Actually that last one might still happen. 
Jeff Solari

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