Sox fans: Ready to hit the panic button yet?

Old habits die hard. Sure, everything changed after 2004. But unless you are a Johnny come lately, pink hat wearing, band wagon jumper, you have to admit this last week has been freakin’ scary. And the panic button is within reach.

The Sox suffered a three-game sweep at Tampa Bay. The not so awful Rays outscored the Sox, 24-5. It was a beatdown.

The Red Sox have lost 3 in a row overall and 6 of their last 8. The Boston lead over the Yankees has shrunk to 6 games. That’s because the Yankees just completed a four-game sweep of the Orioles. They’ve won 15 of 20.

Is it time to hit the old panic button, dug out of the basement pre 2004? I have a panic button tucked away that looks like it’s from 1978. And that’s all I’ll write about that year.

Except that the Sox had a 7.5 game lead on August 26, 1978. And a 7 game lead on August 26, 2018. And I don’t even want to think about 2011. Give me the damn button!

Deep breaths.

It is very much worth mentioning that last year, the Houston Astros went 11-17 in August and lost 5 of 6 in early September. Things turned out ok for them. Lets hope the same is true for the Sox, and we can bury the panic button back in the basement. -SOLARI

Jeff Solari

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