For the Red Sox, now it’s all about the playoffs

I have loved almost every minute of this Sox season.

17-2 start.

Mookie and JD MVP type seasons.

Chris Sale looking like Pedro.

David Price finding the cure for tingly fingers and owning the American League post All Star Break.

Jackie Bradley with his amazing catches. Sweeping the Yankees in a four game series.
Come from behind wins and walk offs. And win number 100 Wednesday night.

So many “Can You Believe It’s” from Joe C.

Look, I’ll be watching every minute of each game the Sox can make franchise history and win game 106.

And it will be very cool!


With every additional accomplishment and accolade, the heat gets turnd up on the Sox to rule October more and more.

I am a guy who likes the journey as much as the destination. In life and in sports. And this has been a magical five and a half months.

But in New England the bar is high and our teams play for championships.

Blame the Pats or the Sox of 04, 07 and 13. 110 regular season wins won’t mean jack squat if the Cora’s crew bows out in the first round.

The Sox have not won a playoff series since 2013. They have been largely embarrassed the past two post seasons. That all has to change this year. Or this majestic masterpiece of a season will be cast aside by fans and disparaged by the media.

So while the trip has been amazing, let’s hope and pray that when the Sox get to their Wallyworld, it’s not closed like in National Lampoons Vacation. Or there might be some live moose getting punched in the nose around here.

Jeff Solari

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