Solari justifies 5 Patriot predictions from September

All of us loud mouth, blow hard, sports types make predictions. But most of us don’t have the testicular fortitude to go back and see if they came to fruition. But not this Carnac. I can admit when I am right and make lots of excuses when I am “wrong.”

Let’s flash back almost four months to the start of the 2018 Patriots campaign and use some hindsight to see how I did:

Solari Makes Five Patriots Predictions- September 6, 2018
This has been a bizarre offseason for the Patriots. And I think on the field this year it might be a bit different as well. So, this year I predict:

Tom Brady will not throw for more than 4001 yards.

WRONG. BUT….. I stand by my reasoning. No Edelman for four games. A rapidly aging Gronk. Philip Dorsett? Give me a break. The Arena Football level players Brady had around him were as embarrassing as those dreams where you’re naked in public. At least for me.

The Pats, out of clear and utter desperation, signed Josh Gordon. While we know how this ultimately tuned out, Gordon did amass more than 700 yards. Without those yards, TB 12 would have fallen short of 4000. No question. He sits at 4100 with one game to go.

Remember when Mike Vrabel used to catch touchdowns in the Super Bowl? I think this year you’ll see a linebacker catch a TD pass at some point.

WRONG. BUT…. Week 1 Brady had Kardashian level talent around him. As in almost none. I knew the Pats would need creativity stemming from desperation. So, while Brady hasn’t had to throw to a linebacker (yet) the Pats have utilized Cordarrelle Patterson as a running back. And James Devlin has four touchdowns. Which is more than Gronk and Chris Hogan. Nobody saw that coming.

Matthew Slater will have at least one receiving touchdown.

WRONG. BUT…. He has taken 15 snaps at WR, but no receptions. Let’s move on.

Brian Hoyer will start at least two games.

WRONG. BUT….. Ok. This is flat out wrong. Thank goodness. But really, what kind of a freaking miracle is it that a 41 old QB has not missed a game this season? Brady has been ducking some hits, and the O-line has been solid. They no longer QB sneak it with him very much. Smart. And while he is clearly hurt right now (even if he won’t admit it) the fact that he plays every single game is walk on water amazing.

Pats record will be 11-5 and they will play the AFC title game on the road. Probably in Jacksonville. Maybe Houston.


They should beat the Jets to be 11-5. And should be the #2 seed. KC could lose at home but I wouldn’t bet on it. This was a pretty good prediction if I do say so myself. And who knew Jacksonville was such a fraudulent bunch of wannabes?

I look at this kind of like homework back in the school days. I can show that the work that went into it was well thought out and correct, even if the final answer on the test was a bit off.

Go Pats!

Jeff Solari

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