Here’s what some Patriots might have been up to this Fourth of July

By Sterling Pingree- Sports On television, the Red Sox are beating up another tomato can, but maintaining their double digit deficit in the East. There is a long held belief that July 4th is the mid-point of summer, although if you have lived in Maine this year, summer started about a week ago. The 2019 Red Sox season feels incredibly limited in what can be accomplished: a wild card game and probably an ALDS exit. With New England’s training camp less than 3 weeks away, I got to wondering this holiday weekend; what are the Patriots up to?

Bill Belichick strikes me as a guy who does Independence Day right! He’s a boat guy, I bet Bill took the “VIII Rings”, picked up Linda Holiday and went cruising around Nantucket or the Cape, maybe Martha’s Vineyard. Probably not Martha’s Vineyard, too cliché for Ol’ Bill. They probably had surf and turf at a seaside restaurant and Bill drank Corona’s. Surprising prediction, I feel like Bill Belichick is in charge of music on his boat and it’s awesome. Just a time tested playlist that he’s used for years featuring nothing but Kenny Chesney and Bon Jovi. But then again when you’re on a boat during our nation’s birthday, what more do you really need?

Tom Brady is not eating any strawberry shortcakes.

After watching Edelman’s documentary “100%”, Jules is currently working out with a dip in. The greater question is: what is Frank Edelman doing? Julian’s dad, absolutely stole the movie. I would imagine Frank spent the 4th grilling hot dogs (no buns, extra relish) and binge watching Patriots Super Bowl DVDs. (Frank Edelman might demand his own blog.)

Now I’ve done some digging and my sources have told me that Camile Kostek, aka Gronk’s girlfriend, aka current Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model, spent the 4th of July on the lakes of Belgrade. But I have heard nothing about Gronk being around, which knowing my sources, if Gronk had been in the state I would have heard. (My sources are like Google alerts, if a Patriot enters the great state of Maine then I’m likely going to know about it.)

Gronk is a legendary partier, but can he go anymore all out than he does every other day of his retired life? I don’t know what he IS doing, but I can tell you what he isn’t doing and that’s dreading the start of training camp. For the first time since he was about 12, Gronk isn’t preparing for another long grueling season preceded by more than a month of tough practices during the hottest days of the summer. Right now, Gronk is not missing football, but in October when the boats have been winterized and Bill Belichick is no longer singing a duet of “Wanted Dead or Alive” with his 15th Corona, maybe he will.

Jeff Solari

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