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The Celtics season is almost here: Don’t ruin it with overly high expectations

Fresh start, turn the page, clean slate, new year, so on and so forth. The Celtics players and staff have reiterated those messages in various forms since the moment Celtics Media Day. Last year’s underwhelming, and frankly depressing season left a bad taste in the collective mouths of the organization, and to put it simply, […]

UMaine football needs to ‘Elevate the Standard’ or they’ll miss the playoffs

“Elevate the Standard.” That’s the motto of the 2019 Maine Black Bear football team. On one hand I get it. For every amazing season like last year, there are a few years where Maine hovers around or below .500. For example UMaine was 10-4 last year but 18-25 with one winning season the four years […]

Only Coach Bill can get away with being so rude to the media

Sunday’s 30-14 win over the hapless New York Jets was yet another glorified practice for the New England Patriots. The Pats’ defense still has yet to give up a touchdown in three games, with the Jets scoring their touchdowns on special teams and on defense. But that wasn’t the high topic of conversation amidst the […]

Holding out for a hero in sports? If only we could go back to 1984

By Steve McKay- “I need a hero….I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night…” Do these lyrics ring a bell? Step into the time machine with me; we’ll set the dial back 35 years, and step into 1984 together. Ghostbusters, the Karate Kid, Indiana Jones, and Beverly Hills Cop are […]

Curt Schilling should be in the Hall of Fame: Part II

Curt Schilling belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Yes, I wrote that back in early July. But every good movie, and debate, deserves a sequel. So, here’s part two of my Schill to the HOF argument. Through some metrics I won’t attempt to explain or pretend to understand, eligible players are ranked on how […]

Patriots Notebook: If Creed Bratton played for the Pats

By Sterling Pingree: WHOA baby this defense! The Dolphins had a tough time catching the football, but the blanket coverage and constant pressure that New England drew up made it a long day for Miami. The incredible thing (amongst all of the incredible things about the Pats’ defense through two games) is that even […]